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Guest Teacher

Kaneri was born in Aichi Japan in 1994. She began to learn Hiphop at when she was 3 yrs old at Studio.H Kid’s Dance School where her mother operates in Japan and developed her dance skills  to Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Rock, Waack, and Soul all over Japan such as Aichi, Osaka, and Tokyo. Since she was 16 yrs old, she has often flew to the New York, US and trained at Broadway Dance Center. During the time, she participated the various types of dance performances in NY, NJ, Boston and Hawaii. 


Meanwhile training in NY, she continued to teach dance at Dance Studios, Kindergartens, Elementary schools, and middle schools in Japan since she was 15 years old and teach them the joy of moving bodies. 


After changed her home base from Japan to New York, she improves her careers to the back stage of Broadway and works not only as dance teacher but also an artist and a creator in a variety of fields such as run clue for off Broadway, “Stranger Sings” and assistant director for “WHITE ROSE”. Moreover, she is also a member of the creative team, Akihito Nishino’s “Poupelle of Chimney town” to bring the piece towards to Broadway.

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