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Costume Rentals

We have various high quality and elegant design ballet costumes. The rental fee is depends on the type of costumes. Please contact us if you are interested at

Costumes for the Competition

Minimum Rental Duration: 1 week

Regular rental fees:

$25 per day

$150 per week

$350 ~ 500 per month *various by costumes

*In addition to rental fees, we will charge you the cleaning fee $30 per costume.

*We provide discount for longer rentals.

*Rentals done within six days of shipment will incur a last-minute rental fee of $50. Rentals done within 24 hours of when the costume must leave here, will incur a last-minute rental fee of $100.

For example:

- Princess Aurora Act 3 White and Gold Tutu (by Chacott)

- Sugar Plum Fairy Pink and Silver Tutu (by Chacott)

- Peasant Romantic Tutu (by Chacott)

- Cupid (age 10 ~ 12) (by Chacott)

- Dulcinea White and Blue&Pink Tutu (by Chacott)

- Kitri Red and Black Tutu (by Benefit Costume)


Costumes for the Ballet Performance

We have costumes for story telling ballet costumes from 3yrs old to adult such as Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

Please schedule an appointment with our studio to view costumes and make a selection. 

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