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3 Big Benefits for Internal Students

1. Make-Up System

Internal students may choose to schedule a private or a semi-private lesson with Ms. Aya under the following conditions:

- 3 make-ups can be converted into one 60mins private lesson

- 2 make ups can be converted into one 60mins semi-private lesson per student of the same level

2. Additional Class

For those who are interested in taking more lessons when they can, but not sure if they can commit to fully registering for another class, the Studio now supports participation of additional classes by accepting pay per lesson tuition, in the same way as Special Class rate.

Please contact the Studio in advance for the availability of the class you wish to participate. Payment can be made in cash, through Zelle, by check, or via credit card(with additional fees).

Special class price updated_edited.jpg

3. Advanced Classes

Starting January 2024, we will be offering a Junior Advanced class "Demi-Allonge", a preparatory class to the advanced "Allonge" class which will start at the same time.  Students meeting the following four conditions are eligible to join:

1. Holds high motivation

2. Has support from the family

3. Teacher's assessment to have great potential and

4. Fit to prepare for Allonge class physically and mentally

Students who have received the notice are eligible. 


The term "Allonge" in ballet terminology means "to extend further". This class is designed to provide an improved environment for selected members to further improve their skills through dedicated practice.  "Demi" means "half", and this class is intended to prepare students to move up to the "Allonge" class.  Payment is per session, and we will accept absence due to events like BD parties. No makeup sessions will be provided. 

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