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ATBS Core Training

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CORE TRAINING for everyone!

 Wed 9:30am-10:45am *online is available

Building the perfect body for dancing ballet.  Once you obtain flexibility during childhood, then you build the body core and maintain flexibility at the same time.  As you know, the core is the most important factor to improve turns and techniques.  Our Core Training is a program geared towards forming the body core for the improvement of ballet.  Ballet teachers, do you ever feel your students are struggling to make progress?  It is highly recommended you acquire this Training as it is full of hints for you to incorporate in your coaching.

Furthermore, we offer a class on a simplified version of the ballet dancers’ trainings for those who do not have experience in ballet.

Ballet Dancers have such beautiful supple bodies with a strong core.  Their bodies are a result of persistent efforts since childhood.   But its not too late for you as well!  It’s not just about moving your body, it’s about moving your body parts accurately and carefully in the right position, in the right motion.  This way your agelong body concerns and pain will improve. 

We currently offer in-person classes at the Studio, Online classes and private lessons.  We look forward to your participation!

Please book the class via Vagaro App or Email to us at

Fees: Single $25, 10 class card $230, online $20 *no free trial

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