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Promotion Week

August 22nd ~ September 2nd 2022

All classes during August 22nd to September 2nd will be open for trial for all ages at $10 per class! 

Classes will be held based on the regular school year timetable.

First time taking ballet lessons? Wondering what the classes are like? Want to see how different each level is?

This is the PERFECT opportunity to check and figure out your child's preferences and suitability.

For those considering to newly join post the above Promotion Week

New Students 6 years-old or younger on September 1st, 2022 may come for a Trial or Observation for a class. Level will be assessed at the trial. Trial Fee is $10.

New Students 7 years-old or older on September 1st, 2022 may come for an Observation for a class but a Trial is not available. A private 30mins Placement class will be required for level assessment. Level Placement Fee is $30.

registration process.PNG

How to Book the Class via Vagaro App

Online booking is opened three weeks in advance. Please download the Vagaro App in advance and ready for it. Follow the below chart. After step 5, our studio will confirm your request. 

Vagaro Process.PNG


Cash, check, and Credit Card (Visa or Master only) are acceptable. Please pay at the studio.

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