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~Personal Body Conditioning Session~

♪Limited Offer♪

60mins Free Trial plus 10mins Personal Body Consultation


1 session (60mins) $50

3 sessions package (no expiration) $120

*the price will be changed when Aya upgrades her Gyrotonic licenses.

We also offer combined programs such as

Gyrotonic x Core Training 

Gyrotonic x Stretching

Gyrotonic x Custom Body Conditioning 

Spots are very limited. Please email us at for booking.

Behind the scene... by Aya Tajimi licenced Trainer

I'm so excited to finally announce I can now offer you private Gyrotonic classes at our Studio! It's been over 10 years since I have been working on core training, and while looking for something new after all this time, I came to know the Gyrotonic method 2022 spring. I received training from Master Trainer Naoko in New York, and the necessity of Gyrotonic drew us in. I've been attending classes weekly, and in the summer of 2023, I obtained the Gyrotonic license. My takeaway from the experience is "self-bodywork" and "improvement in physical abilities." It involves flowing movements that gradually bring the bones back to their proper positions without strain. You'll learn about nerve pathways, muscle usage, and correct anatomy. This can lead to pain reduction, improved performance, and a relaxation effect as it avoids unnecessary muscle use. One of the key benefits is the sensation of feeling light and taller after a session. It's highly recommended, especially for ballet dancers who push their bodies to the limit. Gyrotonic Method is also very effective for injury rehabilitation. It's great for those who engage in sports but frequently face chronic injuries, those with jobs that put a strain on their lower back or legs, or individuals who aren't fond of exercise but want to maintain their physical well-being as they age. Please note that there are limited slots available, so if you're interested, please get in touch soon.

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